Joint Research with South China Agricultural University

Application of Organic Hydromulching System in Hong Kong
---its Green effect & Nutrient characteristic throughout the past 6 years
  This research is carried out with South China Agricultural University of vegetative establishment presented in International Erosion Control Association's 37th Annual conference and achieved the Environmental Achievement Award 2006.

Environmental Achievement Award 2006
  Organic hydromulching system, which is a green technique with no/low maintenance and can provide a self-sustainable plant cover, has been utilized on 120 numbers of man-made slopes in Hong Kong for the past 6 years. In this study, vegetative establishment and characteristics of substrate, called Organic Fiber Soil, were examined and analyzed on 14 selected slopes that were applied with this technique throughout the past 6 years. The results of vegetative establishment showed that: Biomass varied throughout the completion year; however, biomass on each slope wad relatively higher than that of grassland .Communities on these vegetation systems were dominated by planted species. Green coverage provided by this technique was satisfactory and the total covers on most slopes were over 90%. Wedelia trilobata and Macroptilium atropurpureum were the dominant and subdominant species. respectively. The results of the substrate's characteristics showed that: the trend of pH value reached neutral and there was a decreasing trend of soil hardness. The abilities of the substrate to absorb and retain water were maintained for over 6 years, while there was no significant erosion of the substrate. The concentration of organic matter decreased in a slow rate as the completion year increased. The concentration of total nitrogen did not vary while that of both total phosphorus and potassium increased. A cycle of plant-available nitrogen was observed with the concentration decreased and then increased afterwards.

Collecting Biomass, Plants Survey

 Determination of in-situ Soil Properties

Toyo-Mulching System
  The research is carried out at 28 May 2003, with South China Agricultural University, on the Toyo-Mulching System.? The objectives of this research are to evaluate the performance of different vegetation and to explore new materials to be used in Toyo-Mulching System so as to reduce the material cost in future projects.
The technique has applied on two different slope surfaces so that the feasibility of the system applied on those surfaces is evaluated. The site is located at Dongguan where rock and shotcrete slopes are found. The research is jointly with the South China Agricultural University which involved more than 30 technicians, professionals and experts for the evaluation on TMS. The research period is 14 months and will be completed in July 2004.

Trial Panels in Dongguan
Research on Toyo-Mulching System
Joint Research with the Campus Development Office, the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Joint Research with South China Agricultural University
Research at Sai Tso Wan Landfill, Lam Tin
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