About Toyo Greenland Co.,Ltd
Established in 1980, Toyo Greenland is one of the Government's approved Hydroseeding specialist contractors in Hong Kong, with substantial experience in executing Hydroseeding and Landscaping works in most of the civil and construction projects. Striking to further improve the product and service quality, the Company invests lots of efforts and resources in research and development of new vegetation and erosion control solutions.
Amongst many of the solutions introduced by the Company, the Composite Erosion Control Mat - Kangaroo Mat System and Toyo-Mulching System are proved to be effective measures in preventing slope surface erosion and establishing natural vegetation over slopes. The Kangaroo Mat, being a 3 in 1 vegetation method, combines the process of laying topsoil, erosion control mat and seeding all in one step. It works best over soil surface slopes of great gradient. The Toyo-Mulching System, being regarded as a breakthrough in vegetation technology, makes it possible for natural vegetation establishment over non-soil surface slopes such as concrete and bedrock etc. With extensive application in Japan and Taiwan for more than 20 years, the above technologies are being modified and customized to fit the landscape environment and weather conditions of Hong Kong.
At present, Toyo becomes an established lanscaping and hydroseeding company. After the accreditation of ISO 9002: 1994 in 1997, Toyo was awarded the ISO 2001:2000 in 2003 and ISO 14000:2000 in 2004 in order to provide quality products and services ,enhance the project management, secure the quality of products and upkeep the company's image and market competitivenss.
To contribute in improving the green environment of Hong Kong.
To provide adequate, relevant and reliable solutions to clients.
To introduce and improve technologies that are suitable to the Hong Kong environment.
Striking to further improve the quality of products and services, Toyo has invested lots of efforts and resources in research and development of new vegetation to be applied on slopes and erosion control solutions. In May 2002 , a joint Research and Development Project on Toyo-Mulching System, an enhanced slope mechanism form Hydromulching, has been carried out with the Chinese Univerity of Hong Kong. Furthermore, in May 2003, Toyo, in association with South China Agricultural University, had carried out another research on Toyo-Mulching System. The objectives of this research are to evaluate the performance of different vegetation and to explore new materials to be used in Toyo-Mulching system so as to reduce the material costs in future projects.