To contribute in improving the Green Environment of Hong Kong.  
  To provide adequate, relevant and reliable solutions to clients.
To introduce and improve technologies that suit Hong Kong environment.


Established in 1980, Toyo Greenland is one of the Government approved Hydroseeding specialist contractors in Hong Kong and with substantial experience in executing Hydroseeding and Landscaping works in most of the civil and construction projects. Striking to further improve the product and service quality, the Company invests lots of efforts and resources in research and development of new vegetation and erosion control solutions.
Amongst the many solutions introduced by the Company, Composite Erosion Control Mat - Kangaroo Mat System and Toyo-Mulching System are proved to be effective measures in preventing slope surface erosion and establishing natural vegetation over slopes. The Kangaroo Mat, being a 3 in 1 vegetation method, combines the process of laying topsoil, erosion control mat
and seeding all in one step. It works best over soil surface slopes of great gradient. The Toyo-Mulching System, being regarded as a breakthrough in vegetation technology, makes it possible for natural vegetation establishment over non-soil surface slopes such as concrete and bedrock etc. With extensive application in Japan and Taiwan for more than 20 years, the above technologies are being modified and customized to fit the landscape environment and weather condition of Hong Kong.

Wah Shan Village Nursery  
Kam Tin Nursery  
Dongguan Nursery  

List of Approved Suppliers of Materials and Specialist Contractors for Public Works (Class II General Landscape - Group II ) [2008]
Listed in Hong Kong Housing Society Soft Landscaping Maintenance Contractors [2007]
Listed in 'Landscaping' category (Class I - General Landscape Work Group II ) [ 2005 ]
Approval of Toyo-Mulching System from ASD material list [ 2003 ]
Approval of Kangaroo Mat System from ASD material list [ 2003 ]
License in Hong Kong Housing Authority Approval Specialist Contractor ( General Landscape C Group I) [ 2002 ]
Listed in Government Approved Specialist Contractors for Public Works(Class I C General Landscape Group I) [ 2002 ]
Listed in Government Approved Specialist Contractors for Public Works (Class II C Hydroseeding Group II) [ 1986 ]

Environmental Achievement Award International Erosion Control Association, USA [ 2006 ]  
Best Saftety Performance Subcontractor Award
ISO1 4000: 2004 [ 2004 ]  
"2002 Outstanding Greening Project Award, Leisure and Cultural Services Department [ 2003 ]  
Excellence in Technology,12th Annual Award of Environmental Excellence International Erosion Control Association, USA [2003]
ISO9001: 2000 [ 2003 ]  
Value Partner by the Governor of Idaho State, USA [ 2002 ]  
ISO9002:1994 [ 1997 ]  
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