Similar to Harishiba Mat but with additional chemical fertilizes used. This soil-conservation material enables total coverage on slope, especially on hard soil.
High strength erosion control mat prevents surface eroison
Favricated seed and fertilizer tuarnatee successful germination
High moistruer retaining cotton fabric scures the seed on ground
Slow release fertilizer strip minimizes follow-up fertilizing
Organic soil factor strip moderates in-situ mutrient content

Shotcreted slope Rehibitation
Natural Scar Rehibitation
Soil Slope Stabilization
Provide combined function of hydroseeding and erosion control
Convenience installation without machine
Long lasting fertilizer strip
Low maintenance cost
No topsoil is required
Bare Soil Slope
Steep Cut Soil Slope
Landslide Area
Road side slope
Landfill Slope
Slope with Soil Nail Head
The looes surface sand ,stones covering the slope should be removed and surface irregularities should be corrected prior to the fixing of net.

The side of sod to which the seeds and fertilizer are attached,must be laid to it faces downward.

When laying sod,be sure that the special fertilizer strip adhere tightly to the ground.
The anchor which stop the sod from moving,must be pounded into the lower side of fertilizer strip as sketch enclosed.
The material must be stored in a dry ventilated area snd out of firect sunlight.


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