Starting from 90s, geotechnical engineer of Hong Kong has been introduced Erosion Control Mat on soil slope for the purpose of protecting the surface soil, preventing the wash out and encouraging the growth of vegetation. However, Erosion Control Mat was initially designed to be too thick and some with small opening. Thus, they hinder the upward development of plant shoot, and cease the lateral development of secondary establishment of plant root. Moreover, it also minimizes the deterioration of plant fiber onto the soil which is the essential element of the recycle of nutrients.  
( Kowloon Canton Railway Corporation )
( Repulse Bay )
( Luk Ken )
( Yan Yee Road )
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3 Steps of vegetation in 1:Erosion control mat ,Topsoil & Seeding
No top soil dressing is required
Environmental friendly
Long lasting fertilizer strip
Easy installation
Low maintenance
Slpoe with soil mail head
Bare soil slope
Steep cut soil slope
Road side slope
Soil slope
Landslide area
  The materials of ECM can be divided into natural materials and non natural materials.
Natural materials consist jute and coconut materials. PVC is the main material used for non natural ECM, e.g Enkamat, Tensamat, Miramat.

One of the most important physical feature of ECM is the difference in dimensions. ECM can be divided into two, three and multiple dimension, the functions of ECM depend on different dimension levels. Two dimension ECM mainly provide the function of providing a cover and protecting existing soil. Three dimension ECM can also maintain imported top soil and multiple dimension mat provides moisture retaining agent for the imported top soil additionally.

Physical Features
Multiple Layer
  The physical characteristics of soil especially on slopes can be washed out easily. Erosion Control Mat (ECM) can help strengthen the soil face and stabilize the slope structure. As a result, slopes are stabilized either temporarily or permanently.Also, ECM can be used to prevent water from permeating a slope or to control the amount of infiltration that occurs during rain season  
  Erosion Control System is usually applied where hydroseeding seeds cannot be well established, slopes over 40 degree gradient are generally considered as not suitable to carry out hydroseeding. Erosion control mat (ECM) is one of the crucial products in this system,it controls the washout of steep slope top soil, it also provide a stability function to prevent landslide. ECM can be further divided into Natural mat, Synthetic mat and Composite mat.  
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