Hydrosprigging is the process of taking grass sprigs (pieces of grass with roots), mulch, fertilizer, tactifier and water. The mix is placed in hydroseeding machine and spray under pressure to form a uniform application.
  The grasses that are commonly hydrosprigging are warm season grasses such as the numerous varieties of hybrid Bermuda grass. More varieties of grasses are being developed by grass scientist that are better adapted to special conditions. Some of these grasses requires less water or fertilizer. Some can be mowed extremely close, making them ideal for putting greens. Some can thrive in more shade than others. Some can survive under conditions of heavy foot traffic punishment. There improved and highly desirable varieties of grasses are becoming more available. Most of these improved varieties must be propagated vegetatively.
  Hydrosprigging is becoming more widely used to plant grasses vegetatively at substantially less costs than solid sodding. The chemistry and technology are emerging making hydrosprigging a highly reliable way to plant these new grasses. Mulch Sprayer, invented by Toyo Greenland Co. Ltd., is a very affordable machine capable for this “Vegetative Planting Technology”.
Types of grass can be used in Hydrosprigging

Common Bermuda
Tiff Bermuda
Improved Bermuda (Sahara, Sultan, etc.)
Eremochloa ciliaris (L.) Merr.
Advantages: Faster establishment of turf lawn

Bermuda 百慕達
Eremochloa ophiuroides (Munro) Hack假儉草

Fescue 高羊茅
Zoysia sinica 中華結縷草
Working Procedure
The application of indivdual grass stolon in an aqueous suspension by high pressure spraying.

1. Mix sprigs with paper mulch,
fertilizer,bonding agent and water
2. Spraying materials
3. Fast greening effects
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