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International Conference on Slope Engineering
  The Conference wasorganized by the Department of Civil Engineering and The University of Hong Kong. The conference was held from 8 to 10 December 2003.
  Hong Kong has a population of about 7 million within a land area of 1,097 square kilometres. Only about 15% of the land have been developed; the remaining are woodland, country parks or sparsely developed areas. The combination of extremely hilly terrain, deep weathered rock profiles and high seasonal rainfall has, in the past, resulted in some severe landslide problems in Hong Kong's densely urban environment.
  As a result, engineers and researchers have been putting great effort to lessen the hazards and beautify the environment.
  The Conference provided a forum for the engineering professions to share their experiences and interchange ideas among their local and overseas counterparts. The themes of the Conference are to outline the visions to achieve a better slope environment for tomorrow's city and civil infrastructure.