Aquatic Plant that grow rooted, floating, or submerged in water are broadly termed aquatic plants. They are categorized as submerged, deepwater, surface-floating, marginal, bog, or moisture-loving plants, according to the depth of water in which they grow best.
Bamboo is most of these woody-caned, perennial grasses originate in tropical and subtropical regions, particularly East Asia. Bamboos range in habit from low-growing plant to those with a tall, almost tree-like habit. Bamboos have elegant, ornamental foliage, which is sometimes variegated with green, creams, or yellow.
Vine is a plant that intercepts the sunlight by attaching themselves to a support by developing tendrils, twining stems.
Conifer can withstand extreme climatic conditions, and have distinctive, regular branching, often conical crowns, and linear, needle-like leaves.
Creeper uses aerial roots or terminal adhesive pads to attach themselves to any surface that offers purchase, such as rock faces, tree trunks, or walls, and need only initial guidance.
Fern is a non-flowering vascular plant producing spores. Most of them possess horizontal stems and are shallowly rooted. Instead of forming leaf and flowers, they grow frond and spores.
Herb is a non-woody plant species with soft branches herbaceous plants die off after seeding or at the end of the growing season.
Shrub is any woody, perennial, bushy plant that branches into several stems or trunks at the base. They are usually in height of 0.5 meter to 5 meters in Hong Kong.

Turfgrasses can tolerate low and frequent mowing as well as trampling. They are mostly stolon- and / or rhizome-producing for speedy horizontal coverage. Their leaves are fine and flat, internodes are short and can form sod quickly for soil protection.

adapted to extreme conditions, Cacti are plants that have adapted to extreme conditions, particularly frequent periods of drought. Typical adaptations include reduced leaf size and the presence of fleshy, water-storing tissue in the stems, leaves, or roots,

Palm range from usually unbranches large trees to dwarf shrubs that grow on the rainforest floor or in the open, rocky sites. Some appear stemless; most have an upright trunk. Many have a distinctive crownshaft formed from tightly rolled, flattened leaf-stalks.
Tree is long-lived, woody perennial plants, deciduous or evergreen with a single main stem from which branches and twigs extend to form a characteristic crown of foliage. In general, a tree has a single trunk, it reaches more than 5 meter at maturity and it increases in size by producing a new branches and expanding in girth.
Sedge is a plant with herbaceous stems belonged to Cyperaceae. Stem is triangular and solid, with leaves in three ranks and with closed sheaths. The leave blades are usually shiny at the upper surface without hair. Fruit is a lens-shaped or three-angled nutlet.
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