Toyo Greenland Co., Ltd provides products and services: Hydroseeding, Landscaping, Erosion Control Products, Slope Vegetation Systems
The advantages of Hydroseeding are low cost with high efficiency. To cater for the design requirements of different environment, various seed species can be added into the Hydroseeding work, such as tree, shrub seed or wild flower seed. Nowadays, Hydroseeding is widely applied into golf courses, slope vegetation, quarry rehabilitation, landfill greening cover, reclamation, and other greening projects, At present, Toyo Greenland is carrying out approximately 1,000,000 sq m per year in Hong Kong.
Toyo offers a wide range of landscaping products and services for clients including landscape planting and design, landscape maintenance, tree transplanting, tree surgery and lawn turfing. Aiming to lower the cost of plants material, Toyo maintains nurseries at Sheung Shui, Kam Tin and San Tin in Hong Kong with totally about 40,000 sq m, at Zhangmuto and Dongguan in the Guangdong province, China, totally about 60,000 sq m.
Toyo introduced the advanced composite Erosion Control Mat in 1995, By installation of the Kangaroo Mat , steps of traditional procedures such as soiling, laying erosion control amt ,seeding ,maintenance and erosion control can be combined into one step, Kangaroo Mat is an approved material recognized by Architectural Services Department of HKSAR, and the material is adopted by different engineering departments in HKSAR.
Toyo introduced the hydromulching technology form Japan in 1998. After numerous testing and modifications, Toyo has developed a more reliable vegetation technique on steep non-soil slope called Toyo-Mulching system 1999,It is much more suitable for the application on steep shotcrete slopes in Hong Kong ,
and has been adopted and applied to the projects of Architectural service Department as well as to those of other Government's engineering departments.
Toyo Greenland Co., Ltd provides several different sort of Erosion Control Products which include Erosion Control Mats, Bonded Fiber Matrix, Paper Mulch, Mulch Sprayer (Mulching Machine)... etc.
Toyo Greenland Co., Provide different types of trees Protection,Tree protection,Tree Nursery Service,Tree Support, Trees Surgery,Tree Survey,Tree Transplant,Tree Felling,Tree Pruning... etc.
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