Low Maintenance with Evergreen Performance


The fiber soil contains more than 95% of natural organic fiber which is a good moisture retaining agent.The moisture will be kept on the system for the growth and establishment of vegetation even in the dry season.
The layer of fiber soil consists of more than 50% of organic matter which is an enriched vegetation for the establishment. In the mature stage of the vegetation system, the dead tissue of the mature plant will be decomposed into the soil layer and become part of the nutrient cycle in the system itself. This could save up the annual application of fertilizer.

The layer of fiber soil consists of various types of organic and inorganic moisture retaining agent for the establishment of broad leaf vegetation. Once the vegetation system is established, the healthy and dense vegetation will fully protect the soil surface from intensive evaporation from the sunlight and strong wind. Normally, watering is not necessary in the summer time, or if there is no rainfall in dry winter for more than 30 days, once a month watering is required.