The Soil Creat System is to establish a rigid structure and vegetation to cover the soil or rock steep slope. During the installation work, fixing and tightening wild steel bars on the long anchors could form a series of square grid pattern of Creat. The wet spraying machine will be used to spray the readily mixed cement mortar on the structurally reinforcement bar in order to form a rigid structure of grid pattern. This can provide a structural protection of slope. Consequently, the spraying of Soil-Factor can provide the vegetation on the whole slope surface in order to achieve the full vegetation cover in the long run.

Tai Tam
The Chinese University of HK
Smithfield Road
High adhesive capacity on steep slope
Full vegetation on non-soil surface
High resistance to rain erosion
High water retaining capacity
Long lasting fertilizer
High gas permeability
No bulge effect
Light in weight
Adaptable on rough surface
Chunam cover
Soil slope
Rock Slope

The performance is proven to be prominent that the Ministry of Transportation and Communications of Taiwan have specified the use of Soil Creat along the Cross-Island Highway M؞·for erosion control and also for planting vegetation so as to improve the visual appearance of slopes.

Ground cleaning
Fixing of turf reinforcement mat
Spraying of Creat and Soil-Factor
Laying of Geomat
Vegetation germination
Full vegetation after 3 Months