Toyo-Vetiver Grass System (TVGS) is a newly launched cost effective solution for greening concrete slope.TVGS can also be applied along the drainage channel or river as preventive measures for flooding.Vetiver Grass is a kind of grass species that have a strong biological characteristic to resist drought and flooding.Moreover, it is a kind of sterile vegetation meaning that Vetiver Grass does not carry out reproduction to become dominating vegetation in the environment.

Natural and environmental friendly
Cost effective
Easy and fast installation
Low maintenance
Efficient greening method
High vegetation coverage
Seasonal greening
Not invasive
Steep slope stabilization
Riverbank stabilization
Engineering structural protection
Lanscape improvement on landfill
Rehabilitation on mining site
Prevent flooding along riverbank
Waste water purification

In order to prevent the washout of existing soil, erosion control mat will be laid to protect the slope surface with gradient greater than 35o as well as to minimize the raindrop impact.

However, it is found that in many cases, grass could not grow well because those commonly used erosion control mat is too thick for the stolon (secondary horizontal root) of creeping plant to pass through the mat and to develop the secondary generation.Therefore, stolon can just only be grown on the surface of the mat without re-anchoring the soil surface to receive adequate nutrient.

After a period of time, the grass will wilt because of insufficient nutrient provided by the primary root to support the growth. Under this situation, re-hydroseeding is not a significant method to tackle this problem because the seeds from re-hydroseeding still cannot get through the mat to grow underlaying.Thus, Planter Tube System is introduced to solve the problem.