Biodiversity is often defined as the variety of all forms of life, from genes to species, through to the broad scale of ecosystems. In the book Biodiversity II, Edward O. Wilson defines biodiversity as all hereditarily based variations at all levels of organization, from the genes within a single local population or species, to the species composing all or part of a local community, and finally to the communities themselves that compose the living parts of the multifarious ecosystems of the world.

In the environmental point of view, biodiversity refers to the richness of species in some geographic area in which this richness endanger the ecology and may lead to local or global extinction.
Eco-Green System from Toyo Greenland Co. Ltd. can avoid this regrettable loss as it involves the roles of species in maintaining the stability and integrity of ecosystems, i.e. in terms of preventing erosion and controlling nutrient cycling, increase the productivity, trophic dynamics and other aspects of ecosystem structure and function. It establishes ecosystem on non-soil slopes using of the turf reinforcement mat, fertilizer strip, eco-bag, fibre soil, planter tube and erosion control mat. This self-sustainable community provides a biodiversity to the environment, giving a healthy growth of plants and other species.