Vegetation Improvement on Erosion Control Mat with Various Species
Planter Tube System is a system invented for tackling the problem of vegetation grows on 3-dimension without top-soil infilled the erosion control mat.In Hong Kong, hydroseeding is a very common slope vegetation method on soil slope with gentle gradient not more than 35o according to GEO Technical Guidelines Appendix I.

Various Vegetation Species
Surface Erosion Control
Application on Steep Slope
Low Maintenance with Evergreen Performance
High Flexibility of the Material
Application to High Level Location
Shotcrete Surface
Rock Filled Slope
Soil Slope
Ipomoea cairica
Wedelia chinensis
Scindapsis aureus
Zebrina pendula Schnizl
Lonicera japonica

In order to prevent the washout of existing soil, erosion control mat will be laid to protect the surface for slope with gradient greater than 35o as well as to minimize the raindrop impact.

However, it is found that in many cases, grass could not grow well because those commonly used erosion control mat is too thick for the stolon (secondary horizontal root) of creeping plant to pass through the mat and to develop the secondary generation.Therefore, stolon can just only grow on the surface of the mat without re-anchoring the soil surface to receive adequate nutrient.

After a period of time, the grass will wilt because of insufficient nutrient to support the growth only provided by the primary shoot.Under this situation, re-hydroseeding is not a significant method to tackle this problem because the seeds by re-hydroseeding still cannot get through the mat and grow underplaying.Thus, Planter Tube System is introduced to solve the problem.

Hole drilling with
electric driller

Planter tube with climber
Full vegetation coverage