Application on non-soil slope
High performance planting media
Long-lasting fertilizer strip
100mm thickness fiber reinforces organic soil
Double layers of durable turf reinforcement mat
Biodegradable erosion control mat

Jordan Valley
Rock Filled Slope
Soil Slope
Self-sustained vegetation system with low maintenance
Fiber strengthens soil particles to prevent erosion
Visual improvement of the slope with seasonal flowers species
Restoration of natural habitats on the slopes
Long lasting fertilizer
High gas permeability
No bulge effect
Light in weight
Sprayed Concrete Slope
Rock Slope
Chunnam Slope
  The purpose of Soil Fiber System (SFS) is to have visual enhancement over the slope by planting various species of flowers. The mechanism of SFS is to add the Fiber materials into the Soil-Factor and spray it onto the slope at about 70 mm-100 mm thick. With the thicker soil-factors, more nutrients will be provided for vegetation to grow. Thus, SFS provides a suitable environment for planting more flower species. The performance is proved to be excellent in Japan.
Shotcrete slope with 300mm topsoil
Lay and fix 2 layers of the 3-dimensional turf reinforcement mat
Spray a layer of 100mm thickness of fiber soil
Lay and fix Geomat
Completion of work