High adhesive capacity on steep slope
Provide structural stability
All round year green coverage
High resistance to rain erosion
High water retaining capacity
Long lasting fertilizer
Varieties plant species are available
Low maintenance
Shotcrete slope
Bare soil slope
Rock fill slope
No-fine concrete slope
Chunam surface slope
Concrete buttress
Concrete soil nail head
What is the objective of Toyo-Mulching System?  
What is the main difference amongst Hydromulching System,Toyo-Mulching System and Soil Creat System?  
What is Toyo-Mulching System?  
What kind of slope surface can Toyo-Mulching System be applied?  
What is the limitation of Toyo-Mulching System on steep slope?  
How to carry out weephole inspection after the application of the Toyo-Mulching System?  
What is Soil-Factor of Toyo-Mulching System and how does it applied?  

Any extra fertilizer is needed for the Toyo-Mulching System?

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